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Global Giving Goal: $100,000



Indigenous Training Center
The indigenous training center, also known as the I-Post, serves as an outpost and refuge where indigenous believers serving in the most arduous places and unreached people groups find protection, training, and a refueling from the Lord. Believers return rested, equipped, and empowered to continue the critical Kingdom work of propelling the Gospel to the hardest to reach places and people groups. Your partnership will help support 10 – 12 various trainings and provide resources for training materials, transportation, room and board, counseling, and more for brothers and sisters living, serving, and witnessing throughout the Middle East.

2 Church Plants in the Himalayas
Helping to establish two (2) indigenous-led churches in the Himalayas. The first group has just two (2) known believers, both of whom some of our team in Nepal have been able to spend significant time with, traveling together to/from the area. We have already assisted in some translation work (creating oral stories) and one of the translators working on the project has been asked to help start a church there with the 2 believers. The second church plant is one of the most unreached and unengaged people groups and also quite difficult to physically get to as it is deep in the Himalayas. Resources will provide supplemental assistance for the first year of ministry producing the foundation for a self-governing, self-replicating, and self-sustaining church.