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Abiding Practice

We want to encourage you to daily Listen to the Scriptures in the context of community, so we’ve created a resource to help you do just that. It’s called the Abiding Practice Journal, and you can pick up one for free from the bookshelf in the lobby. To go along with this journal, we’ve selected two different options for Bible reading plans, and you can find out more about them below. 

We encourage you and your DNA Group or others in your Missional Community to choose one of these plans together and commit to Listening to the Scriptures by all reading the same thing on the same day. There are hundreds of different plans out there to help you read the Bible and dozens of different journals or other resources to help you do it in a structured way. You don’t have to use this journal or one of these plans, but whatever you do we urge you to daily Listen to the Scriptures in the context of your community.

Here’s a sample page of how we’ve structured you to Listen to the Scriptures each day.


sample pdf

Read the Old & New Testaments in one year by reading seven days a week. This plan was created by BibleProject and takes you on a journey to see that the Bible is one, unified story that leads to Jesus. 

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Read the New Testament in one year by only reading five days a week (Monday-Friday). This plan was created by our staff team for those who may feel overwhelmed by the thought of reading the entire Bible in a year or tackling multiple chapters every single day.

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