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Assessments Review Committee

All documents located on this page are published with the full review and approval for distribution of the Assessments Review Committee (ARC). ARC was established by SC3’s Director of Operations in March 2022. These documents have been compiled for the sake of accountability and transparency. The ARC’s desire is that the documents shown here are truthful, accountable, and assist in reconciliation.

The ARC understands some deliverables may only address specific challenges SC3 is facing. On their own, some of these documents still leave room for question. The document set is not complete but out of respect for our SC3 Church Body and our shared commitment to progress, the ARC believes releasing documents as they become available is the most helpful cadence. These documents are numbered (1-X) and will be combined as a single file as a completed set at the conclusion of all Assessments.

Assessment summaries will be updated to this site on a biweekly basis as they become available. The ARC anticipates completion of all Assessments by the end of 2022. For more information on the ARC’s function and purpose, please click here.



Pellucid Consulting continues to conduct interviews and review documentation. Pellucid will design a survey in July and the survey link will be distributed as soon as it is ready. Individuals will be able to complete the survey anonymously. Additional protocols and instructions will be provided by Pellucid when the survey is distributed.


In April 2022, SC3 Director of Operations Matthew Wilson interviewed and hired Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI) to conduct a staff-wide survey and study to best inform the church leadership of areas for improvement and assist in developing an action plan to ensure progress.

BCWI is a 501c3 dedicated to helping Christian leaders and organizations achieve their full potential by creating flourishing staff workplaces. More information on BCWI can be found here.

The Survey was completed by all 27 staff members, including both part time and full time. The Survey was available from March 13, 2022 to March 25, 2022. The summary, raw data, and findings from the survey with recommendations from BCWI were shared with Adam Aberle (SC3 Elder), Mike Bean (Passion HR, hired Consultant), Steve Hill (SC3 Member and ARC Member), Patrick Johnson (SC3 Worship Pastor and Elder), David Thew (SC3 Pastor for Planting & Pioneering and Elder), Paul Whaley (SC3 Pastor for Preaching & Vision and Elder) and Matthew Wilson (SC3 Director of Operations) on April 18, 2022 through an in-depth review and interactive presentation. Additionally, the summary, findings, and recommendations from BCWI were then shared with the entire SC3 Staff on May 2, 2022 over a staff-wide lunch. This lunch was facilitated by BCWI’s Senior Consultant, Doug Waldo.

The attached Engagement Survey Executive Summary explains the survey response summary, strengths, opportunities, trends, and recommendations from BCWI. This summary was produced as a BCWI deliverable to SC3. This document has not been edited.


Engagement Survey Summary



Today the ARC has two updates to share with you. First is the ARC Charter. Second is the announcement Matthew Wilson shared during the April 03 Sunday Gathering.



ARC charter


On February 20th, many of you were present at a Family Meeting in which our Elders shared several situations that needed accountability, investigation, and assessment. As we engage with independent, external agencies to execute this work, we are pleased to share that we have established an Assessments Review Committee, also known as “ARC”.  

The purpose of this Committee is to serve as an independent voice to ensure progress and accountability, review the findings of our Partners and communicate this information to you, the Church Body, in the coming weeks and months, with transparency.

As you will notice on the screen, this Committee includes three women and two men. I will also serve on this team in an ex-officio capacity. More information about how this team was formed and the specific scope of work can be found later today at mysc3.org. Additionally, we plan to utilize mySC3 as a communication channel to share updates and progress related to the Assessments. 

There have been some challenges in the past few months, and it’s not always easy or comfortable to work through those challenges. But the Elders are committed to hearing from independent expert voices, taking the best course of action for the health of the church.  

We desire for you to partner with us in prayer. Pray for healing and for God’s favor with everyone involved…the families of everyone involved…there are spouses, children, parents and grandparents connected to this. If you know these people, pray for them by name. Also for the Committee members, that they would have discernment and wisdom as the Spirit directs our paths to pursue God’s will for the Body of Christ at Summit Crossing.

Thank you.


Church family, the Elders of Summit Crossing, together with Abe Meysenberg, take full responsibility that we might have come across defensive or even harsh, at the Family Meeting on February 20 as we addressed allegations which have been raised by the Sinn and Creekmore families. We love these families and we pray we can someday be reconciled. We apologize and ask these families and anyone else in the congregation that we hurt by our actions and words, to forgive us. As we submit to investigations and assessments, we surrender to Jesus, asking Him to teach, refine, and sanctify us through this process. We are praying for healing and reconciliation and trust God completely as we wait for Him to work.



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