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We Love Our Members!

Thanks for exploring how membership works at Summit Crossing Community Church! Below you’ll find all the information you need to understand why we have membership, what we ask of our members, and the process for joining Summit Crossing as a member.

Why Membership?

Membership is important at Summit Crossing Community Church. Why? The answer is simple: commitment. Commitment seems to be lacking in many Christian churches, both to Christ and His church. It’s true that when someone becomes a Christian, they are already a “member” in the Kingdom of God.

But the church is where Christians get to know Jesus, connect in gospel relationships, and live the King’s mission in their world.

Membership is not taken lightly at Summit Crossing. The mission God has given us is big, really big.

It will require a membership that is not only unified around this vision, but one that is passionate about its accomplishment. We believe much will be required of the members of Summit Crossing to glorify His name in the kingdom work He has given us to do here.

Biblically, membership is useful for many purposes. Here are the three most important reasons:

1. Defines the group of believers that our leadership is accountable for. (Hebrews 13:17-19)

2. Clarifies how and who our church should entrust their care to. (Hebrews 13:17-19)

3. Prioritizes allocation of limited church resources. (1 Timothy 5)

The membership process

Membership is important and essential for our leaders to know, lead, feed and protect the flock here at Summit Crossing. Due to the importance of membership we ask that member candidates walk through a specific process not meant to push people away or set up hoops to jump through, but to assemble a membership that is called and set apart to do God’s work in a way that is both honoring to Him and attractive to the world. Below are the steps for the membership process.


Faithfully engage in the life of a Missional Community for a minimum of six months.


Review the Membership Covenant and complete the online Membership Application.


Meet with elder(s).


Sign the Membership Covenant.

Frequently Asked Questions