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Seeing Jesus

Seeing Jesus Together

The CBR Journal has been improved and expanded upon and is now a new discipleship took called Seeing Jesus Together.

The 2022 Seeing Jesus Together journal will be available at Summit Crossing at the Resource Center. Cost is $14. You can pay online here, or pay with exact cash or check with Seeing Jesus Together written in the memo.

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Seeing Jesus Together includes the 2022 edition of The Community Bible Reading Journal. The “CBR Journal” was created as a discipleship tool for one small church in 2012. It was created to help the members of that church connect with God through His Word and one another in His Word daily. The CBR Journal began to spread, almost immediately, in a viral fashion around the globe.

Through friendship and word of mouth, over 100,000 copies of The CBR Journal have been provided to disciples of Jesus in at least 8 countries. A recent survey of diverse participants confirmed that The CBR Journal is highly effective at creating and/or strengthening a healthy Bible Reading Discipline in the life of a believer.

Improving upon and Adding to The CBR Journal

In 2021, the Board of ICONICITY (the 501(c)(3) that oversees The CBR Journal) gathered 75+ CBR Journal participants into Focus Groups to see if they could build a tool that would help believers engage other discipleship environments (beyond Daily Bible Reading) in a more healthy and beneficial way.

Based on those Focus Groups, ICONICITY created the first edition of Seeing Jesus Together for 2022. Seeing Jesus Together helps disciples:


  • See Jesus in Solitude (the 2022 edition of The CBR Journal)
  • See Jesus with One Another (3-5 men or women discipling “one another”)
  • See Jesus at the Weekly Church Gathering.

Seeing Jesus Together

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Seeing Jesus Together

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